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Technology has given us many opportunities to smile. Many technological gadgets have helped us to perform our work easily and also share it with the world. Connectivity has improved and the huge world has now become a global village. There was a time when desktops were considered as a great invention and it revolutionized the IT world. Though desktops were heavy and cumbersome, it helped people to do different tasks quite easily. With the help of internet, you could easily connect and share your information and do business with the rest of the world. The problem with desktop computers was that it was quite difficult to carry and use at other locations. Things changed dramatically with the advent of laptop. It wasn’t really long when laptops were considered as a luxury item. They were considered quite expensive and were used by businessmen to check emails and other information. The best part is that it is easy to carry and Wifi has made things better for the busy people who have to do various IT related tasks on the go.

Laptops have ensured that you can compute almost anywhere in the world and so it is hardly surprising that the portable laptop has overtaken the cumbersome PC. Today, you can find laptops in most of the homes and offices across the globe. It is not a luxury item now as you can buy it at affordable prices. Now, it is considered as a convenient thing and must have thing for people who need computer at every place. It is in great demand these days. Laptops outsold personal computers for the first time in 2008. According to the Consumers Association, 38.6 million laptops were sold worldwide in that year, a rise of 40% whereas desktop PCs fell by 1.3% with a total of 38.5 million. The gap has long since widened with each passing day and now laptops are ahead of the game. But the hard fact is that laptops didn’t overtake desktops computers in one day, it really took time. Initially, laptops had smaller memories with less RAM and slower processing speeds. For people who do a lot of typing, a small keyboard or a mouse-pad wasn’t always as comfortable as a big keyboard with a mouse and most importantly, battery life was often short-lived. Technology soon rose to the challenge and now laptops have caught up, running faster, offering a better viewing experience as a PC, offering huge storage and extended battery time.

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