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Return Policy

The company clearly mentions the return policy regarding old and new computers and laptops in this document. The user must read the return policy before ordering any computer or laptop, new or old from the online site of the company. The company assumes that any customer, who visits the site of the company for purchase of the computer or laptop, new or old, is aware of the return policy of the company and confirms his or her acceptance of the return policy.
Here the company means, the online site, which is selling the computers and laptops, both old and new, and the users or customers, refers to the buyers who order the products from the online site of the same company.

Warranty period –

The company provides one month warranty on old computers and laptops purchased from the online site of the company. The customers are advised to visit the return policy of the company before ordering the old computer or laptop from the online site of the company.
The new computers or laptops are delivered under the return policies of the manufacturers of the computer or laptops. In other words, the warranty which the manufacturers are giving to the buyers is extended to the customers by the online site.
The old computer or laptop, purchased from the online of the company can be returned to the company within a month from the date of the purchase of the product or products.
The old computer and laptop purchased from the online site of the company can be returned, if the product is damaged, not functioning properly or, defective or the customer has received other product than ordered.
The user or customer also must ensure that he or she must not accept the delivery of the product, if the package is damaged or tampered in any manner.
In case a customer finds that the products is damaged , defective or is not the product that was ordered, he or she should immediately contact the customer care of the company and inform the same . The company will arrange the delivery of the ordered product or products that is computer or laptop.
In case of cancellation of the ordered product after ordering from the online site of the company, the company shall arrange the pick- up of the delivered product to be returned. The user has to return booklet, manual, warranty card, accessories, and packing material, which is part of the product delivered to the customer.

Replacement of the product –

In case the user or customer finds that the computer or laptop is defect or not function properly, the same should be return to the company within a month. This applies only to the computer and laptop that is old.
The return policy regarding the new computer or laptop will be same which the manufacturer of the products has mentioned in their return policy. The condition and terms of the return policy of the manufacturers will apply in case of purchase of new computer or laptop.

No warranty for freebies –

If there is any gift or gifts or freebies with the new computer or laptops, the warranty period or return policy is not applicable on them. The online site will not exchange any gift or freebie with the new computer or laptop. That is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the computer or laptop. The online site shall not be responsible for any exchange of gift or freebie.
If the exchangeable computer or laptop is not available with the company, the online site that sells the old and new computer and laptops, the online site will refund the money to the customer in accordance with the return policy of the company.