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Terms and conditions

Terms and condition mentioned here relate to the dealing and transaction with the online shopping website of computers and laptops thecompleteitsolution.co.in by anyone who buys from the site or browse the site for any information. This document is an electronic record as per the information technology Act, 2000 and the company compliance with all rules and also compliant with the provision amendment by the information technology amendment Act, 2008.
The word we in the terms and conditions refers to the online company ‘thecompleteitsolution.co.in dealing with old and new computers and laptops. The word you refers to the customers who come to site for buying or for getting the information related to the computers and laptops.

The terms and conditions mention that

The use of this website is regulated by the terms and conditions as mentioned here. We will assume that you have read all the terms and conditions, and have understood them and have given unconditional acceptance when you visit our site for buying or transacting with us.
The terms and condition will be treated as the legally binding and enforceable agreement between the customers, ‘you ‘and the company, ‘we ‘.
If any customer does not agree with the terms and condition, he or she should immediately stop any deal with the online company and cease any buying or transacting with the company.
The information about different products, generally old and new computers and laptops, and any other services mentioned on the website should not be constituted as the substitute to the professional advice.
The user’s use of the website and services are subject to the caveats or disclaimers that may appear in the website at the different places.
The company takes no responsibility to the action or step taken by the user on the basis of the information or services contained or mentioned in the website of the company.
While the company strives and ensures that all the information on the site is accurate and up-to date regarding various products (old and new computers and laptops) that the company sells, the company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss related to the accuracy of the information on the site. The customers are informed that they must consult the professional/professionals of the company before taking any decision regarding the buying of any computer and laptop.
The company may suspend, discontinue, or change any model of the computer or laptop without any prior information to the customer/customers or before mentioning it on the website of the company. The company also can restrict the access to certain parts of the website or certain products, without prior notice to the customers.

Changes in the terms and conditions-

The company is entitled, and is at the sole discretion or may be required under law, to change the terms of condition, completely or partially, without any notice to the customers anytime in the future.
The users shall be responsible for becoming familiar with these changes/ notifications or amendments and understanding them before visiting the site or attempting any transaction with the site.
The company will assume that users have accepted the new amendments, notifications and changes and are visiting the site or buying from the site after accepting the new changes in the terms and conditions.

Website content –

All products, material, written content or services or design are protected by the trade mark, patent mark or intellectual property right owned by the company. The company undertakes to review the claims of the patent or trade right or copy right infringement received and remove the content that has been posted or distributed in violation of any applicable law.
The logo, products and service or slogan or tagline of the company are the trademark right of the company. The users cannot and must not use any of these on their own site or on any other place, as it would be the violation of the trademark and may invite the penalties.

Registration data –

The users may be required to provide some data, such as name, ID, Adhaar number, or other details that may facilitate the delivery of the ordered product to the customers without any issue. The company assures the customer / customers that all such information is used to facilitate the faster delivery and is for the company only.
The accuracy and correctness of such information depends on the users. The company will not be responsible, if due to wrong information the delivery of the ordered product is delayed or reaches the wrong destination. Or the user suffers some damage.
The company may verify the information provided by the users or customers, if it deems it necessary. And if the accuracy of the information is under doubt, then the company reserves the right to cancel the ordered product/ products immediately without any notice to the customer.
The user shall also refer to the privacy and return policy of the company to know the return terms and privacy policy of the company regarding the protection of the data.